ClearCoat PRO Sealer (Amber)


Lenmar® ClearCoat PRO Sealer – Amber is a light-ambering waterborne sealer designed to provide excellent penetration into the wood fiber and great intercoat adhesion with any of the Lenmar® ClearCoat PRO Waterborne Floor Finishes. In addition to minimizing tannin bleed and grain raise, this single-component sealer provides a necessary build layer to prevent the finish from penetrating its light amber tone brings enhanced color to wood floors.

  • Light-Ambering
  • Minimizes Grain Raise
  • Prevents Dark Spots

Available Sheens:N/A

Available Colors: Amber

Cleanup: Soap and water

Resin Type: Waterborne Urethane

Recommended Use: Interior

MPI Rating: N/A

VOC Level: <275